UX Foundation, UCD

Hey there, as my last post about a bit brief of user experience, now I wanna talk little deeper for this. I see you want a clear insight about user experience. Talk a whole picture about something is also UX (experience) anyway.

We know that to be an UX designer you cant just understand how to do UX, but instead must first understand why we do UX, and what UX is. To that we can learn first about UX foundation, User Center Design (known as UCD).

As my research, UCD has been around in some forms since 1970s, when the world covered by industrial machine revolutionary. UCD answers questions about users and their tasks and goals, and uses their findings to make decisions about development and design. UCD of a website for example, seeks to answers following questions:

  • Who are the users?
  • What are the user’s tasks or goals?
  • What are the user’s experience level?
  • What functions or information do user need?
  • How do users think the product should work?

I barely say, UCD is not only for a website. All things that we build should keep the user in mind, whether designing a website, creating a new Television, or baking some delicious cake. So, whatever work that you do to meet user needs you have to ask yourself about these questions.

After answering these, we would use the answers to inspire product design and drive product development. So, keep it in mind that development process is driven by use experience not the other way. User defined the product, not us. Finally, our last questions here is answered.

Next question is, how important we use UX? Is it really important to think experience when we still have to do another tons of things?


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