UX – Learning what is User Experience ?

Today, UX fall into everyone’s lips. From designers, developers, executive, until boards using User Experience words to express what they imagined. What is UX anyway? When someone says UX, they can be referred as usability of a site, or layout of a page, or overall costumer journey and beyond. If you see your TV’s remote and found that next and previous channels button are nice put there, it’s also UX.  When you and your fams are going trip to Hongkong’s Disneys Land and enjoy the field trip from the start gate, through lot of games until finish gate,  we can say that UX as well.

So what is UX actually is?
I think UX is anything about experience. If you tell me experience when sitting on the public bus when you are going into office, that is UX. If you tell me about your feeling when drinking water from your fav tumblr, that is UX. The way you type from your laptop’s keyboard, that’s UX. UX is about your feeling, your behaviour, your point of view, your experience.  That’s from my opinion. What’s yours?

The next question is, why UX always exist in the first place?


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