6 Tips Presenting in English for Dummies

Doing new things is good. But doing a lot of new things can be disaster. This is what I fell right now. As a student who trying to do something new, I often digging up other discipline materials to get me high and full tank to catch up a new technology. I research aall stuff that could be relate. And then I realized, I am over react. You can’t build a pyramid for a night as well as you can’t cover all materials book in a day.

Those just a little bit story. By the way, recently I’ve been preparing for conference this month. I speak in a model and digital processing section. That is an hour presentation. Formal presentation. Wuw, this is the opportunity that I can’t resist. Well, I never doing presentation in a International Conference before (it should be november last year, but tot canceled), so it become challenging especially you have to do in other language. So this is the first time. How about you, when are you doing your first time?

To begin with, as usual, I researched for the best english presentation practice. Got one, Presentation for Dummies. Actually, if you are newbie on something, just searching on google whatever your want for and follow with  ‘dummies’ word or 101 [whatever you search]. Trust me, It can be helpful.

I prefer to watch the video rather than a book, because speaking is about communication, pronounce, gesture that can not cover on a book. So I digging it on you tube. They tell me, if you want speak like an awesome speaker and sounds like a native cool guy, you have to follow this steps:

  1. You have to keep practice.
    Well this is rational statement, no one cant pass without practice, I mean even for a pee you have to practice right. Ok then.
  2. You have to engage your listener.
    Presenting in front of people is just like communicate with you friends. It has to be a two way conversation (I don’t know if I spell it right), its like  you telling something to other people and make them believe what you say. Grab your audience and make them part of your story.
  3. Give a story
    You have to give a story. People love story. Ok, let me ask you, if you hear someone with his things about invention, math, and folks, which one do you like?
  4. Keep simple. Keep clear. Keep sweet.
    As english is not your native language, you have to be careful. Speak slowly. If you think your voice is slow, than get it much slower. As slow as you speak, the audience (especially native one) could understand exactly what you say. Be clear in what you say. As you slow this is not really worried.  Last, keep sweet (oh, I really like when he said it. Soo gentle. Haha)
  5. Give a visual
    Basically, you are presenting something. Main core what you say is the content. As good as your content is, your doing good job. But, make sure your visual is professionally edited. Check for the spelling, check for the grammar, check for each images (information and source, its important to make sure you have a right to display the image especially in this kind of formal conference, you have to respect all copyright).
  6. Bring it !

Thats all, Six simple tips for presenting like a pro. or like an real mean. or like a.. whatever you want. You can use it for your own risk. I found this two source can be usefull, Real Man Style and  Mrs Rebecca I bet its useful at least for me. Lets learning together, failed together, and succeed together. Good day


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