English Stories

By the way, in the sunday morning I felt little bored, there must be something (useful thing) that i had to do. English stories, interesting to know there is such of things. English stories is kind of news for a learner. There are some level that you can choose, each level have certain words.
Higher level provide more words and more vocab you can read.

Check this one:

Well, there was two stags parallel gonna have a fight and all of sudden a man has got too close and was chased by a stag, who was hyped up for the rutting season. He was juts walking along the path. He stopped, obviously he thought the stag was going to cross the path but the stag took his choice and went after the bloke instead of the other stags.
He just shouted, “Help! Help!” But you couldn’t go over and help him because the stag was just too hyped up. Nobody could get close to the bloke to help.
So, when the bloke went up the tree, I dialled 101 and phone the police for help.

Interesting word: stag (male deer), parallel (next to each other), hyped up (very excited), rutting season (period when make deer fight), bloke (man), dial (call)


Story above is for Level 3. Something that I interest to is there are some interesting words that uncommon. So we can learn from stories. Brialliant


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