Checkpoint: Task go down

Hai, i am kinda happy today because two days later i completed all my duty (include class assignment, oh no, a whole class assignment, eh nope, a never-ending class assignment, research task, and many more). Presentation for Master Scholar had been sent, Full Paper for Conference had been submitted, and Design for IReS are being started. Not all my duty are done, but it go down slowly.   I think it is better doing that slowly but sure.

Randomly, my professor ask me to make a poster, actually it is not ordinary poster but its research poster. “Okay, i’ll do that”, i said. But, wait, you must hear this part. He kindly said, “It is not a big deal, you can make it like this old poster (pointing some old poster, i prefer said ‘age’ poster). This poster’s material is good but it is old and not well apparently, maybe add some colors and shape, Your design must be good. So, you have a day to do this, okay”, No… its not okay.

Wait, not only there, i can said that firstly i am little cranky about the emergency task that i had to do during my empire rush. Than, i am not just a ‘little’ cranky, cause he ask me not to make a poster, but two posters. Okay, its bad.

No matter what, i did it. One poster in 2 hours. Nevertheless, honestly i don’t really angry with all of this because i know that is a challenge. A challenge who can make a better me. Competent. Strong. Hard Worker. Creative. and Reliable

Thanks God you tested me.
np: i attached research poster that i just created this afternoon.


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