Recently, i don’t know what i feel, but i think i should prepare for the conference next november. The preparation is not easy as i thought before, i should make a new paper about my research, it different from my last paper in which only exist a half of my entire research, so i must to write down a whole research, from introduction, study area, methodology until results and overall accuracy of the classification, and of course conclusion.

Beside the paper, i also have to make a presentation. Preparing the presentation is not easy as paper did. In addition you must write the whole research, you also must to explain all of that. On presenting something, you must inform your audience with your communication skill. So, what i have to prepare, firstly the presentation, secondly the communication skill (both formal and informal usage, you know not all people like such a formal presentation, its awkward), thirdly the administration stuff such a passport, conference and summer school payments, a letter acceptance and blablabla.

On november there will be a big moment, apart form the conference, there are also IReSGISWS-PLUCD held on Nov 29th. It is kind of seminar and workshop, internationally event, in Indonesia. IRes, which we usually called it, organized by my research center; Center for Remote Sensing therefore although this is internationally event but still held on Bandung. I can’t participate on the day because it clash with the conference that i mentioned later. So, here i just help others to prepare all stuff to support it, especially on logistic stuff.

And thats all my minds all about. Hmm.. not all maybe, there’s something more important than all that stuff, but it is personal so i can’t mention here. Sorry but i have to. May God give us help and always protect us. Maybe we can go along together again in happiness, someday. Amen


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